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Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is the hometown of giant panda, and features longstanding history and civilization. It is also a hot destination as the trailhead for Tibet, and known for its spicy food, spots of World Cultural Heritages, amazing mountains and waters. Numerous historical and cultural sites also add charms to a Chengdu trip.

Pay a visit to Chengdu, you can also experience yourself the relaxing and slow life pace. Spend a day at a quaint tea house, to fully enjoy the leisure and cozy life. Mingle with the local people sitting together for drinking tea, playing cards or mahjong and watching local Chuan opera. Never miss the spicy Sichuan cuisine, famous hot pot or just taste some local snacks. Explore the natural habitat of panda... In a world, Chengdu is a great destination for travelers not only to see its vivid culture features but also charming natural landscape.


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